The Underground: Introduce yourself and the lineup for one 21.

Kris: No comment.

Kenny: I sing.

Tom: I am Tom I play drums

Vince: I play drums

TU: Has this always been the lineup and if not what kind of changes have you guys seen over the years?

Kenny: No, this hasn't always been the lineup. When we started in 1995 as One-21 we had one guitar player, Paul Sanders. Khristopher joined the band in 1997 as a second guitar player and in 2000 Paul quit and was replaced by Adam Garbinski, but we are currently looking to replace Adam his joining the band was only temporary.

TU: Exactly how long has one-21 been around, not including Uzziah?

Kenny: Since December 1995

TU: Exactly how did One-21 get started?

Kenny: from Uzziah.

TU: Is it true that one of your first recordings ended up on Boot to Head Records? How did that happen?

Tom: That's not true…

Kenny: Well its true but it was on a compilation it was only one song, we were recording a cd for Sofa Records and boot to head wanted one song for a compilation.

Kris: The cd never came out it was a seven inch.

TU: How much longer after that did you hook up with flying tart?

Kenny: One year.

Vince- We did Sofa Records in between.

TU: Tell me about your experience with flying tart.

Kenny: We had a pretty good relationship with flying tart but they released us from our contract when the label folded.

TU: You did one record on Flying Tart and then one on Bulletproof Records, what was the difference between these two records?

Kris: Two different albums

Kenny: One was an ep one was a full length, totally different recordings

Vince: They came out in different years…

Kenny: Musically it wasn't much different we just, think were getting more serious about our music, I guess.

TU: How long was it between " . . .Dragon.. " and the self titled album on Facedown?

Tom: 3 years

Vince: Tres anos

TU: Had you guys totally broken up during that period of time?

Kenny: No never. We were never broken up.

Kris: Never.

TU: What made you guys decide to hook up with Jason at Facedown?

Vince: He's really cute.

Kenny: It was the right thing to do.

Vince: He's the drummer for NIV.

Tom: Well he was interested in the band that's one of the things.

Kris: He's got a no nonsense deal, like that we've dealt with before. It's very easy.

Tom: and a huge recording budget

Kris: and a singing bonus for $700,000,000.

Vince: From what we know about him he's an upstanding individual who kind of has, takes a stand on doing something that we would agree with.

Kenny: And he likes the band.

Kris: He likes the music and he likes the band.

Kenny: And we wanted to put out a new album, and he was willing to do it.

Vince: He's the hardest working man in. . . .

Kris: he works hard for his bands, he's got good merch and stuff. I like what he's done with the merch. Well he sent out posters and stuff. He's a good guy.

TU: how do you describe what you do now?

Kenny: we play and write songs we like.

TU: You guys came to the west coast during the fall . . . how was the response?

Vince: I like the food.

Kenny: The response was really good; there were 600 people at the one show and 250 at the other.

Vince: The one thing i don't like about the west coast is they're not punk enough

Kenny: I'm not sure was that funny?

Kris: It wasn't funny but write it anyway.

Vince: It was funny to me because . . .
TU: How different is it to tour the east coast and the Midwest compared to coming to California to tour?

Kenny: There aren't really many differences.

Kris: The weather . . . we're closer to Hollywood

Vince: We're farther from home.

TU: What do you think of the changes in the Christian scene compared to when you guys first started?

Kris: It wasn't really a Christian scene when we started it was kind of an everyone scene.

Kenny: I think there is a lot more compromise and integrity now than when we first started.

TU: What is really different about this band? Do you believe the same as you did in the beginning, has your message changed, what makes you the band you are today?

Vince: Can you repeat the question?

Matt: Shut up!

Kenny: I think we got more serious about our music and our beliefs than when we first started. I don't really know what makes us the band we are today.

Tom: We used to be very aggressive about being Christians. I think that just getting older and becoming more mature, and understanding people a little better. I think we have a different approach now, we used to be very talkie, towards people and saying things to them and that may be fine, but, I think its better now, we're a little more interested in working on relationships rather than just talking from stage kind of stuff, which I think that that is the big difference. Not that we don't talk from stage at all, but . . .

Kenny: thank you peace.